Airshow Antics is the fourth level in the Cloud Zone in Frogger: He's Back!.


This zone also contains a Gold Frog. This level is unique from the others in this zone in a way because Frogger rides on planes and jets instead of birds. He also has to slide on clouds which have become icy. The time of this level follows that of Loonier Balloons, as the time of this level is now night as the previous level took place during the evening.

The player has 60 seconds to find each Baby Frog in the level.

Baby Frogs Edit

The Red Frog Edit

The Red Frog of this level is probably the easiest Baby Frog to get as Frogger must first be on the huge cloud in front of his start position. He then must dodge Helicopters as he makes his way left. There, He'll find a ballon maze which contains the Red Frog.

Trivia Edit

This level uses a different theme from the other levels.

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