Dark Dark Cavern is the first level of the Cave Zone in Frogger: He's Back!.


This level is unique for being the first level to contain flies that when eaten light up the level for a few seconds. Croaking also lights up the level for a second or two. This level is simply a maze where Frogger has to find the lost Baby Frogs. New enemies are introduced in this level, which are Spiders and Bats.


  • The next level, Frogger Goes Skiing, shares the same theme for this level.
  • This level has a couple similarities to Honey Bee Hollow, the first level of the Leaf Zone. First of all, the frogs aren't too far apart and secondly, both of these levels are the first levels of their respective zone. There are some differences however: First of all, Honey Bee Hollow starts with 25 seconds while this level starts with 60 seconds and secondly, Honey Bee Hollow isn't much of a maze while this level is a maze.
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