Dr. Wani (aka TRIP Boss) is the leader of T.R.I.P. (Tyrannical Reptiles in Power) and a member of the Wani tribe. He's the main anatagonist of the Frogger series. His goal is to take over Firefly Swamp as its rightful ruler and make everyone his subordinates. He's also a cousin to Dr. D, the villain from Frogger Beyond.


Dr. Wani is extremely intelligent when compared to the other crocs throughout the games. He's very sophisticated, thanks to his higher intellect, able to invent machines such as the Mind-control Helmet and other inventions. Dr. Wani has shown to be narcissistic, due to his bragging about his classic and royal style while Frogger has none. He is also very showy and dramatic when he speaks about his plans, even sounding immature at times. However, he is more than willing to use violence if it will get him what he wants.

Character biographyEdit

Frogger's Adventures: The RescueEdit

TRIP Boss make the first appearance in the game and the antagonist, Trip kidnaps Frogger's girlfriend, Lily.

Frogger: Helmet ChaosEdit

Dr. Wani (aka TRIP Boss) make his second appearance in the game telling his assistance, Ronin, to command all the crocs to implant the mind controlling helmets on the residents of Firefly Swamp and its creatures. He suceeds to unfold his plan until Frogger came into the frontline and destoryed his plan once and for all.

Frogger: Ancient ShadowEdit

Dr. Wani make the third appearance in the game, tries, once again, to conquear the world. This time by stealing the amulet of Mastery from its guardian and the Amulet of Destruction. He plans to used the amulets to take over the world.

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