Dr. Wani's Mansion is the fourth Level in Frogger: Ancient Shadow.


Dr. Wani's Mansion, as the name implies, is the stronghold of none other than the notorious Dr. Wani, the game's antagonist. However, this isn't the final world. This level takes a bit of a Mansion Theme, with a basement and attic to boot. The main areas have an ornate design. Dr. Wani appears all throughout the levels interviewing with Frogger, which apparently annoys the latter. At the end, Frogger must climb the top of the tower where he'll face the Boss of TRIP himself.

Level 1 Edit

The first level takes place in the main lobby, and of course starts out in the hallway leading to it. Before Frogger has a chance to investigate the area, he falls through a trap door at the end of the hallway.

Level 2 Edit

Frogger starts out in another room filled with more puzzles. Dr. Wani meets him right as the level starts.

Level 3 Edit

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Having climbed the attic in the previous level, he makes his way into a vent, which reveals more narrow tunnel. The tunnel is so tight that Frogger can't jump or see very far. It reminded him of that one time Lumpy was eaten by a snake. He hopes it's safe to keep going, then makes his way through the tunnel. He doesn't get too far when he finds the exit sealed by a panel. He knocks it off and enters a security camera room, only to find that he comes face to face with Dr. Wani once again.

This level reuses the music from Hidden Caves Level 2.

Boss Edit

(Main Article: Dr. Wani)

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