Frogger2 eternitywand

Pocus trying to steal the Eternity Wand in the opening of Frogger's Adventures 2: The Lost Wand

The Eternity Wand is an object of incredible power and the central focus of Frogger's Adventures 2: The Lost Wand.


The Eternity Wand belonged to Hocus, a powerful and good-hearted magician of the Magician's Realm. However, Hocus' twin brother, Pocus, was jealous of his brother for being the wielder of such powerful weapon and plotted to steal it from Hocus. After locking away Hocus inside a cage, Pocus tried to claim the wand for himself, but instead caused the five Magic Shards on the wand to break from it, each of them scattering on the five islands in the Magic Realm.

Now left with a useless Eternity Wand, Pocus sought to restore its power by visiting and tricking Frogger into helping him, claiming that a great disaster would befall all the realms should the five Magic Shards weren't returned to its proper place. After the two successfully recovered all the shards, Pocus revealed his true nature and used the completed wand to send Frogger to the Magician's Realm, intending to imprison the hero there along with his twin brother as he prepared to rule over the Magic Realm.

Ultimately, Frogger managed to escape and free Hocus from his imprisonment, and the two confronted Pocus in his throne room, where Hocus revealed that the Eternity Wand was capable of corrupting an unworthy wielder: those without sufficient training and not pure of heart, into a malevolent being. As they failed to reason with Pocus, Frogger engaged in a battle against him, using the power of five elements against Pocus himself. Frogger came out as the victor in the battle, allowing Hocus to reclaim the Eternity Wand and freeing Pocus from the wand's corruption. Hocus then thanked Frogger for saving Pocus from himself, and warping him back to his home, but not before promising to give Pocus an appropriate punishment, and a training for him to learn the correct way to be able to wield his own Eternity Wand one day in the future, which soon came true in the ending with both brothers using their wand to play tricks on Frogger.


The Eternity Wand is a star-shaped wand with a handle, engraved with the five elemental shards: Fire, Frost, Light, Darkness, and Wisdom.


The Eternity Wand is capable of granting the wielder the power of five elements and enhancing their magical power. However, without the five Magic Shard it is as useless as a simple stick, though still possessing an ability to lead the wielder knows about the shards' location. Moreover, it's also capable of corrupting the wielder if the person themselves is considered by the wand to unworthy. Each of five elemental shards is also capable of corrupting its holder by themselves.

  • Fire Shard: Corrupts Sammy the Salamander into a giant dragon that can breath fire.
  • Frost Shard: Corrupts a snowman into a monster that entrap Arc the Seal inside its body, and is capable of attacking with bombs. Weak against the Fire Shard's power.
  • Light Shard: Grants power to the Fiery Guardian on the Volcano Island, enchancing its power to control over lava and magma. Weak against the Frost Shard's power.
  • Darkness Shard: Corrupts a squirrel resident on the Haunted Island into a grim reaper with giant scythe. Weak against Light Shard's power.
  • Wisdom Shard: Grants intelligence to the guardian of the Future Island, giving it a cunning and devious personality and attacks. Weak against Darkness Shard's power.
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