The Frog International Rescue Support Team, or FIRST, are the secondary protagonists of Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue. Their job is to help those in need, and squash their enemy, Tyrannical Reptiles In Power, or TRIP.

Frogger's Adventures: The RescueEdit

FIRST appears very early in this game, when Frogger is stressed over Lumpy. Beauty Frog is the first frog he meets from this Organization, as everyone else had either infiltrated TRIP or has been taken hostage. In order to help FIRST, Frogger helps Beauty Frog locate Mechanic Frog, Ranger Frog, Dr. Frog, Ninja Frog, and Army Frog. Once he locates all the other members of FIRST, they then try to stop TRIP from activating The Machine.

According to Mechanic Frog, TRIP has been kidnapping people they think are worthy enough to operate the Machine, kidnapping Lily as they think she has qualities that can start up the machine. When they find out that Lily does, in fact, have the qualities to operate the machine, they try to keep her while they take over Firefly Swamp. FIRST thwarts their plans and Lily is returned to Firefly Swamp.

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