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Firefly Surfing is a mini-game in Frogger: Ancient Shadow.


It is unlocked after defeating the Wani minions in TRIP and clearing the Hidden Caves. This mini-game is based off the same area as well. The objective is to reach the goal while avoiding obstacles. This game is for two players only.

How to Play[]

The purpose of the game is to avoid the obstacles and reach the goal. The player can jump to the side by pressing left or right and the jump button. If a player comes into contact with an obstacle, he/she will lose a health point. Once they lose all their health points, they will lose. If both players lose all of their health points, a draw game results. Whoever reaches the goal wins.


  • This mini-game, Tower of the Wani, The Crystal Prison and Ornithopter are the mini-games to have two players.
  • Once Hidden Caves Level 2 is beaten, the player cannot access the game again from Story mode unless he/she beats the game or starts a new game.