Frogger (フロッガー) is the main and recurring character in the Frogger series.


Frogger is a green, anthropomorphic frog. Best known as the namesake of the classic 1981 arcade game, he has gone on to star in a series of video games spanning numerous platforms. These games almost always involve hopping around on an invisible grid. Frogger is a registered trademark of Konami.

Character Design Edit

Frogger hyperarcade art

Frogger (Hyperarcade).

Over the course of his video game career, Frogger's character has undergone drastic changes.

Frogger's initial appearance was that of a semi-realistic-looking frog. Frogger was given a redesign in 2001 with the release of The Great Quest. He was given an anthropomorphic design along with a t-shirt, a vest, and shorts.


Screenshot from Frogger's journey: The Forgotten Relic

In The Rescue, his look changed to a more strong appearance. As defender of Firefly Swamp, his many adventures carried on through 2001 to 2005, before a reboot with a new video game, My Frogger Toy Trials, brought it back to it's origins again in 2007. Another original Frogger sequel was made a year after the MFTT. Frogger 3D, made in Japan the earliest and America a few months after, was made in 2011, thus,so far,concluding the Frogger trilogy.


Wreck-It RalphEdit


Frogger's cameo in Wreck-It Ralph.

Frogger makes a cameo appearance along with Dig Dug and the Angel Kids in the film, Wreck-It Ralph at the Game Central Station hopping away from Ralph upon seeing him. His iconic 8-bit hopping noise can be heard as he hops away from Ralph.



  • In Airforce Delta Storm, a game also by Konami, an aircraft the Flogger J was named as "Frogger J". Although some may says that it is a typo mistake, it is very possible that was intended by the developers to reference the character and series of the same name.
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