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Frogger: Ancient Shadow is a platforming video game developed by Hudson Soft and released in 2005 by Konami as a sequel to Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue. The game was available on Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation 2 consoles as well as on Windows.


One sunny morning, Frogger was taking a nap while listening to the radio. Well, he "was", until Lily showed up looking for Frogger. He opened one eye to check who called his name, but later ignored it and when right back to sleep. However, Lily was then standing above Frogger, who woke up after hearing Lily. Lily appeared right in front of Frogger, surprising him and knocking himself out of his lawnchair in the process! Lily apologized if she woke him, but Frogger said that she just made him more alert with his presence. Frogger tells Lily that something is going on in Firefly Swamp. The insects are frightened, and Lily saw a suspicious shadow lurking in the forest. Lily will be fine as long as there's not any last minute script changes.

After the first boss, Lumpy comes and finds Frogger at his fishing spot. When Lumpy is determined to catch the "Big One" and "have a big filet tonight", Frogger confesses "that he had caught the Big One". Frogger then tells Lumpy that weird things have been happening lately around Firefly Swamp, like the insects have been acting strange lately.

As Frogger meets the Little Lion in White Savanna Level 2, a scary monster came and stole the Amulet of Mastery, then Mr. Lion began acting strange and climbed the cliff and took off. The monster also used the Amulet of Mastery to make Mr. Lion and the other fairies act strange. Frogger decides to save Mr. Lion.

At White Savanna Level 3, Frogger sees a monster with a suit and a hood. He threatens to shoot an arrow at Frogger but he shoots a fairy instead. Luckily, Frogger was not hurt. The monster jumps off.

After defeating Mr. Lion, Frogger spots Finnius. Little Lion reunites with Mr. Lion. His family has guarded the Amulet of Mastery since ancient times, but it's been taken by an unknown person. Finnius admits he is responsible for the ancient documents to help save the Amulet. Frogger has gotten mixed up in some trouble once more.

Meanwhile, in Hidden Caves, Frogger confronts the monster again. He shoots an arrow but Frogger avoids it at first. After he shoots an arrow at Frogger, he explains that the place is not a place for kids. Frogger should leave if he wants to be safe, however, the monster leaves. Frogger infiltrates the mini-game called "Firefly Surfing" unharmed.

At the boss, Frogger meets the stranger along with Dr. Wani and his minions in TRIP. He noted that he has the Amulet of Mastery. Dr. Wani has no choice but to leave while the stranger shoots the Wani minions. He then takes off. Frogger is forced to defeat the minions in combat. After that, they swim away and Frogger catches up with Dr. Wani, stating that his strategy is as laughable as a one-legged squirrel.





  • Bug's Samba
  • Frogger Arcade (Complete World 1 to unlock)
  • Jump-Rope (Complete World 2 to unlock)
  • Firefly Surfing (Complete World 3 to unlock)
  • Tower Of The Wani (Complete World 4 to unlock)
  • The Crystal Prison (Complete World 5 to unlock)
  • Dodge Ball (Complete World 6 to unlock)
  • Ornithopter (Complete World 7 to unlock)


  • To unlock the Classic Arcade Frogger on the PS2 you must complete the first boss fight, then you will find it in the multiplayer section.
  • On December 07, 2006 Konami released a Konami Live! Online Game Controller - Frogger Ancient Shadow where when plugged into a PC the game could be played through a web application.

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