Frogger: Ancient Shadow is a platforming video game developed by Hudson Soft and released in 2005 by Konami as a sequel to Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue. The game was available on Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation 2 consoles as well as on Windows.


One sunny morning, Frogger was taking a nap while listening to the radio. Well, He "was", until Lily showed up looking for Frogger. He opened one eye to check who called his name, but later ignored it and when right back to sleep. However, Lily was then standing above Frogger, who woke up after hearing Lily. Lily appeared right in front of Frogger, surprising him and knocking himself out of his lawnchair in the process! Lily apologized if she woke him, but Frogger said that she just made him more alert with his presence.






To unlock the Classic Arcade Frogger on the PS2 you must complete the first boss fight, then you will find it in the multiplayer section.

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