Frogger: Beats n' Bounces is an action-rhythm game which was developed and published by Konami on 2008 for mobile phones. It is part of the Frogger series.


Frogger one day awakened and realised he had a strange illness, he had been cursed with a sort of magic that forces him to move to a mysterious beat. Puzzled, he decided to consult his grandfather, which told him that not just him but the whole world had been affected by the same illness. His grandfather advised Frogger to search and find the Toadstein's Castle which may be the only solution to break the curse.


Frogger: Beats n' Bounces change radically from the original Frogger concept and it is now an action rhythm game. The game is set in vertical scrolling, scrolling from top to bottom and the player can only move Frogger left and right and timed with the music, while avoiding multiple obstacles that appear on the screen. Frogger is also able to use his tongue to eat the various insects that are in his way, but again, only timed with the music.

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