(Frogger goes a the River Princess boat. Frogger find the Captain Scat and his cats.)

Captain Scat: Got any 3's?

Cat 1: Nah, go fish!

Cat 2: Yeah, go fish!

Frogger: Hello!

Captain Scat: What do you want, swamp thing? Can't you see we're busy?

Frogger: Hi! I'm here to meet the River Princess.

Captain Scat: Maybe you should run along, Froggy, before something nasty happens to you.

Frogger: But I'm looking for the River Princess.

Captain Scat: Oh, so you want to mess up my card game?

Frogger: But I only want to...

Captain Scat: Oh, a wise guy, eh? Get him, boys!

Cat 1 and 2: Ok, boss!

(Captain Scat and cats attacks Frogger. Frogger defeats Captain Scat and cats. Frogger finds Slick Willy.)

Frogger: Hi, I'm here to meet the River Princess!

Slick Willy: My Princess, you say?

Frogger: Oh, please tell me where the princess is!

Slick Willy: The River Princess?

Frogger: Can I meet the princess?

Slick Willy: You want yo see the River Princess? Hahaha, you're standing on her, silly! She's my ship! Get it?!

Frogger: WHAT?! Can you help me find a princess?

Slick Willy: Gee, I've heard of a Fairy Princess near River Town, but you're not going to have to worry about her.

Frogger: Why not?

Slick Willy: Because you're staying for lunch.

Frogger: But I'm not hungry!

Slick Willy: That's ok, frogs taste good whether they're hungry or not!

Frogger: Woooa, back off, gator breath! I'm not your lunch!

Slick Willy: Come on, frog! Ha ha ha ha! Ya wanna be lunch?!

Frogger: Yikes!

(Slick Willy eats Frogger. Frogger defeats Slick Willy.)

Slick Willy: Wow! You've done whooped me good, boy.

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