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Frogger may refer to:

  • Frogger (series): A long-running action video game series by Konami started in 1981 with the game of the same name. While the series has evolved in different directions throughout the years, the basic premise remains similar in most cases: guide the protagonist across the field to reach his destination while evading various obstacles along the way.
  • Frogger (video game): A 1981 video game by Konami and first of the long-running, eponymous series. The premise is to guide a frog named "Frogger" across a highway and then a river to reach home.
  • Frogger: A frog character from Konami's long-running eponymous series. He appears as the protagonist in most games, with his design having evolved along its many installments from an animal to a more anthropomorphic form.