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Frogger 2 is a video game for the Game Boy Color, distributed by Hasbro Interactive. It was released alongside Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge and shared it's cover art (except the "Swampy revenge"), but it is a completely different game, Swampy doesn't even appear nor is mentioned in it.


Frogger 2 have expanded gameplay over original Frogger's games, now the player can find gems in each levels to increase its score, and the apparition of screen scrolling allows for more depths levels and the levels are more inovatives. In the option mode you can choose to play as either Frogger or Lillie Frog. The apparition of certains npcs which help frogger or Lillie through the game, give a bit of adventure orientation to the game. Although whether characters you choose, don't affect the dialogs in any kind. The game is divided into 5 worlds, which contains 32 Levels. At the end of every world you have to save a baby frog, there is 5 in all, one for each world.