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Frogger Decades is a Frogger game developed by Revolutionary Concepts and Tangible Games and published by Konami for iOS in 2011. The game was made for the 30th anniversary of the Frogger series. As the operating system received newer updates, the game was incompatible with Apple mobile devices and was eventually removed from the App Store.


Frogger Decades uses the same gameplay as the original Frogger's gameplay, but expanded upon and taken in new directions. Frogger will still be hopping around on a grid-like play field, but rather than the single screen of the original that had the player continuously moving the frog back and forth, the levels in Frogger Decades are axed in a vertical layout.

Much like Frogger: He's Back!, Frogger has a stamina meter that depletes overtime even when he's idle. If it is completely empty, he will be too tired to continue and he would respawn either at the beginning or at a checkpoint. Gobbling up flies scattered throughout the level constantly is the only way to keep Frogger's stamina meter afloat.


The game starts out as an ordinary day in Firefly Swamp. Frogger walks outside and upon noticing a fly, he licks his lips and hops after it while carrying a jar. While he is preoccupied, Lily and Berry pop out of the bushes next to his house and slip an invitation to his birthday party on his front door. They giggle and disappear. Afterwards, Dr. Wani and his parrot also pop out and grabs the invitation. The crazed crocodile opens it to discover that it contains a hand drawn map with a straight path leading to the party's location. He decided to erase the path and draw a continuously curved path in its place with the intent to delay Frogger's arrival before disappearing as well. Frogger, having successfully caught the fly in his jar, returns home and notices the invitation. For a second, he was taken aback by the modified route, unaware that it was Dr. Wani's doing, but his excitement over being invited brushes his suspicions aside. He smiles and takes off on the directed path. He drops the jar with the lid half-open, allowing the flies to escape.

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