Gavin is a character in Frogger: The Great Quest and Frogger Advance: The Great Quest.

Description Edit

Frogger: The Great QuestEdit

Gavin and Blair are the two guys that Frogger hears telling the story about the princess kissing the frog that turns into a prince. When Frogger arrives at Bog Town he asks them how he could find a princess. Gavin is rude and walks away from Frogger, but Blair is friendly and gives Frogger some advice on finding a princess by telling him to talk to Bruiser the Bear.

Frogger Advance: The Great QuestEdit

In the GBA version, Blair and Gavin are seen fishing by the lake in the opening introduction, they discuss the classic fairy tale staple of a princess' kiss having the magical property of turning a plain frog into a handsome prince.

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