Haunted Island is the fourth zone in Frogger's Adventures 2: The Lost Wand.

Level 1: Path Through TownEdit

Level 2: Creepy CastleEdit

In this level, Frogger must traverses through the dark castle full of bewitched items and spirits. As the castle's structure is akin to maze, the player must remember which path to take or risk losing their way. Deep abysses, along with shattering and floating platforms are scattered throught out the hallways, requiring precise timing to cross, though there are also Continue Platform at the start of every passages to aid the player. The exit is located at the middle of the castle, containing a staircase up to the tower where the Grim Reaper and the Darkness Shard reside.

Boss: Fright FlightEdit

The Grim Reaper serves as the boss of the island, wearing the Darkness Shard around his neck and wielding a gigantic scythe in his hands, ready to attack Frogger. To defeat him, Frogger must dodges the Grim Reaper's attack (the panels that flash in red and yellow) and not touchs the Grim Reaper as runs around the arena until the screen flashes in white. Frogger must then runs toward the Light Shard on one of the four red circle panels, each on the four edges of the arena. After claiming the Shard and temporary paralyzing the Grim Reaper, Frogger must surrounds him with a wall of light by quickly running across the panels marked in white. Failure to do this in time and Frogger will have to repeat this again. Each time that Frogger succeeds, the Grim Reaper's attacks will become quicker and harder to dodge. Frogger must surrounds the Grim Reaper for the total of three times to win the battle, allowing the Shard to be removed from the Grim Reaper and saving the castle's squirrel residents within him from the darkness power.

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