Igunis is a character in Frogger: Ancient Shadow.

Frogger: Ancient Shadow Edit

Igunis is a Lizard warrior who first appears in White Savannah Level 3, where Frogger encounters him on a cliff. He appears with his hood on and with a quiver full of arrows, From the cliff, Igunis shoots one of the arrows in Frogger's direction, only for him to dodge the arrow in time and hitting the Fairy hiding in the bush instead. He then Jumps off.

His next appearance is in Hidden Caves Level 2 when Frogger dodges yet another arrow. Frogger asks him who he is and what he wants to do, but Igunis only fires an arrow again, but this time, it lands right between Frogger's feet. He then warns Frogger that the place "Was no place for kids", and tells him to leave while he has the chance. Frogger questions him again, but when he does, Ignus only replies that "He won't warn him again, and to turn around and go home if Frogger knows what's best for himself". Then he jumps off. Frogger, slightly ticked off, decides to keep an eye on him, just in case he may "cause any trouble in Firefly Swamp".

He makes one last appearance confronting Dr. Wani and his Minions at the Boss. He asks Dr. Wani to return the Amulet of Mastery, but he refuses, only to brag about being unstoppable and ordering his minions to attack him. Igunis shoots his bow at the Mini Wanis, leaving them unconscious, then gets by to go after Dr. Wani. He however is defeated after a long fight. What ever happened during the fight, Dr. Wani called his strategy "As laughable as a one-legged squirrel." Dr. Wani has retrieved the Amulet of Destruction, then invites Frogger to his Mansion party before teleporting off. After he does, it is revealed there was a shocking device used to electrocute Igunis during his battle. It rolls to the ground and steams from use. Igunis regains counsiousness then jumps off before Frogger can talk to him. A confused Frogger finds the mural in front of the battle site. While Frogger and Dr. Finnius talk about the mural, Igunis looks back on it, saying, "Tukuku, I will do it for you." Keeping his promise, he jumps away, out of sight.

He is never seen at all during Dr. Wani's Mansion, but he is mentioned by Dr. Wani before he fights Frogger.


  • This is no place for kids! Leave now, while you still have your life.

- Igunis, Frogger: Ancient Shadow

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