Jump Rope is a Mini-Game in Frogger: Ancient Shadow.


It is unlocked after defeating Mr. Lion and clearing White Savannah. As this info implies, this minigame is based off the same area as well. Frogger is on a three-platform post in the middle of a lake. At the two sides are towers with Savannah Faries on them. They are holding a U-shaped log for Frogger to jump over.

How to PlayEdit

Once the game starts, the Faries will turn the log and Frogger must jump over it as if it were a jump-rope. The Score counts how many jumps Frogger has made. Along the way, the platforms will start to break, so Frogger must move to another or otherwise he will fall through into the water. If Frogger falls into the water in any way, or if he is pushed in by failing to jump over the log, the game is over with the score shown above. When the minigame does end, four Fairies walk in front of the lake and do a dance (either to congratulate or to taunt the player after he/she loses).


This minigame and the classic Frogger Arcade minigame are the only Minigames to have only one player.

As most of the controls exist from the Story-Mode Gameplay, the player may choose to press the up, down, or X (Jump) Buttons, but it technically (and probably humorously) means that the player forfeits the game, as these buttons make Frogger jump into the water instantly (Unless for the Latter-Most Button, the Player is on the left or right most platform and is facing the opposite direction when jumping).

The Game Over music in this game is the same as the music for all Game Overs during the Story Mode Minigames, with the exception of Firefly Surfing, whereas it treats it as a normal Game Over.

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