Magician's Realm is the sixth and final zone in Frogger's Adventures 2: The Lost Wand.

Boss: PocusEdit

Frogger2 hocuspocus
The corrupted Pocus serves as the final boss of the game in the Hocus Pocus stage. As Frogger and Hocus fail to reason with him, the former must challenges Pocus in the battle of magic and trickery.

To defeat Pocus at his own game, Frogger must flips over three-of-kind element cards to neutralize the five elements and cause them to backfire the warped magician. However, if Frogger flips up two different elements, then the last element he flipped up will take an effect on the stage for a short period of time.

  • Fire - Fireballs rain toward Frogger. Must run around to dodge.
  • Frost - The floors turn into cracked ice. Must run around to avoid falling.
  • Light - Multipe light beams, both horizontal and vertical, traverse across the room. Must jump across to avoid.
  • Darkness - Several balls of darkness rotate across the room. Must run clockwise or counter-clockwise to avoid.
  • Wisdom - Several Blue Orbs and Life-up Crystals spawn in the room.

One of the 16 cards in the room is Pocus card, which summons Pocus if flipped. Pocus then turns the 5 panels at the center of the room into abyss and chase Frogger while also randomly switched around any unflipped cards (horizontally or vertically). Frogger must runs away from Pocus until he disappear.

Once all 15 cards are correctly flipped, Pocus will be defeated, allowing Hocus to reclaims the Eternity Wand and breaks the wand's corruption off his brother.

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