Slick Willy is a boss in Frogger: The Great Quest and Frogger Advance: The Great Quest.

Description Edit

Frogger: The Great QuestEdit

Slick Willy is the crocodile owner of his boat called the River Princess, which Frogger thinks is an actual princess. Slick Willy wanted to eat Frogger for lunch, but after he was defeated by Frogger, he decided to help him get to River Town to give assistance to the sick fairy, which turns out to be Phroi.

Frogger Advance: The Great QuestEdit

In the Advance version, Slick Willy appears in the boss level of River Town and asked Frogger to get 50 coins if he wanted to go to Fairy Town. Frogger has to get the coins in a limited time by hitting the slot machines on his boat. After Frogger got the 50 coins, Slick Willy helped him reach Fairy Town.

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