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TRIP, or Tyrannical Reptiles In Power, are the enemies of FIRST, or Frog International Rescue Support Team. TRIP is headed by the evil Dr. Wani, who stops at nothing to defeat Frogger and FIRST, as well as take over Firefly Swamp.

Frogger's Adventures: The RescueEdit

In Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue, TRIP had kidnapped Lily the Frog. They have been kidnapping people to operate the Machine, and its only when they kidnap Lily do they realize she's the one who can activate the Machine. To stop FIRST from thwarting their plans, they have held several FIRST members hostage, leaving only Beauty Frog to take care of things in Firefly Swamp with Frogger when Lumpy is hurt.

Along the way, Dr. Wani contacts the FIRST, who is slowly regaining their members, and endlessly taunts them while he orders the other members of TRIP to kidnap the residents of Firefly Swamp. This way, no one can stop him and TRIP as they plan to take over Firefly Swamp once and for all.

Frogger: Ancient ShadowEdit

In Frogger: Ancient Shadow, TRIP (aka. Evil Crocodiles or Mini Wanis) was headed by Dr. Wani and it is the boss in Hidden Caves.

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